CompanionLabs Privacy and Data Retention Policy as of 5/24/2018

CompanionLabs Systems, Inc. (the “the Company”, “us”, “we”), provides software technology and insights (the “Software) to advertisers (our “Customers”) using Facebook and other social media platforms (“Platform” or “Platforms”). At this time, the Company does not directly or indirectly collect or store any user-level consumer behavior, either in an identifiable or anonymized fashion, relating to the use of any Platform, third-party website or application, or advertising network. The only user-level information that the Company collects comes from prospective or current Customers (i.e.: you) that visit any or use the Software available at or Any identifiable user-level data that is collected is provided voluntarily by the Customer with its usage governed by our Terms of Service.

The Company does store aggregated data as it relates to the performance of our Customers’ advertising campaigns running on different Platforms (“Campaign Data”). No Campaign Data is retained after the 7 Day Free Trial unless the Customer subscribes to the Software. We do retain the Customer Name, email address, and high level usage information for future communication. Customers may opt-out of this communication at anytime. This data is used so our Software can function and to benchmark performance of advertising campaigns optimized by our Software against historical Customer campaigns. Campaign Data is not shared amongst Customers and can be deleted at any time by emailing after which a confirmation report of its deletion will be provided within 24 hours.

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